Our Approach

You have individual needs. We provide individual approaches.

The Karlfeldt Center is a comprehensive health treatment center that provides proven natural healthcare solutions for all ages and conditions. Our practitioners have dedicated their lives to helping men, women, and children find effective, practical and less invasive ways to address health conditions with the well-being of the whole individual in mind.

Treat the Individual As A Whole
We might share many similarities, but no two people are the same. Even how one we experience an illness or a disease can differ widely between people. Our staff is highly trained in the systems of the body, the causes of disease and the most effective and safe remedies, but when it comes down to it, when you're in our office, we see you as YOU. An individual who is unique, with specific DNA, epigenetics, thoughts, emotions, background, circumstances, routines and demands. And thus, we treat your weaknesses and strengths accordingly. Just as it should be. 

See the Body As An Interconnected System

At the Karlfeldt Center, we treat the cause, not the symptom. In order to do that, we must see the body as a complex interconnected system that must be unraveled in a sense, to effectively address the amazing correlations between organs, glands, systems and your brain. 

Seek the Underlying Cause Of Dysfunction

The goal of all the work we do at The Karlfeldt Center is to investigate the underlying cause of dysfunction. This means that while you might be suffering from a common condition like arthritis, we don't just give you some natural anti-inflammatories and hope for the best. We dig deeper, looking for the reason for the inflammation and seek to remediate the inner flame, thereby taming your pain, as opposed to simply masking the symptoms with drugs or unnecessary surgeries.

Provide Targeted, Natural and Holistic Remedies

One person's emotional insomnia might be another person's gluten sensitivity. Although the condition is the same, the treatment will be different. Our solutions are individualized, non-toxic and designed to systemically heal rather than patch symptoms.

Aim For You To Experience Chronic Wellness

It's been said that "health is wealth" and there is a lot of truth to that. While many Americans are sadly digressing into chronic illness, our goal and aim is that you experience progressively better health that results in chronic wellness - a gift that is priceless.

Schedule An Appointment or Consultation

From general improvements in nutrition and quality of life to comprehensive long-term approaches to serious systemic health challenges we can help!

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